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O Throttlepack AC 80w Plain Brown Box

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The Power Pack that Runs Them All!

The THROTTLEPACK AC provides feature rich control that’s compatible with just about every AC powered model locomotive and their sounds.

With more than 60 years of industry leading design and perfecting power packs and sophisticated DCC controls and sound systems, MRC has developed another world beating power pack to enable AC model railroaders to get maximum enjoyment from their hobby. The THROTTLEPACK AC features advanced sine-wave circuitry so onboard locomotive sounds will function no matter what the brand. You can activate the whistle/horn and bell from the control panel. The large, ergonomic throttle provides remarkably precise slow-speed control for exceptional realism, enhancing enjoyment and railroad capabilities. If added power is ever needed because of inclines or adding heavy freight loads, simply push the special Power Boost button, and keep right on rolling!

• Special sine-wave output circuitry provides plenty of controlled power
• Separate, UL Listed power supply keeps the THROTTLEPACK AC footprint small
• Whistle/horn & bell buttons included
• Special “Booster” button for added power when needed
• Precise, slow-speed throttle control for realistic performance
• Direction button

Manufacturer / Part Number
Model Rectifier Company / 11301NB

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