Remember the movie where the main character awakes in a building and discovers all the people in the city are gone? As he walks around the streets, he realizes he's the last person alive. Everyone else has simply vanished.

Don't let your layout be like that movie. Every great layout has figures throughout it and your's can to with RailKing figure packs!

RailKing O Scale figures are hand painted and ready-to-use on your layout. Sold in a variety of sets, our artists painstakingly sculpted the prototypes for each figure theme.

Molded in ABS plastic, simply remove them from the easy opening package and start populating your layout scenes and bring your layout alive!

Like all RailKing accessories, our figure sets make a perfect addition on any O Gauge layout, as each is sized for use with all O Gauge locomotives, rolling stock and O Gauge buildings regardless of manufacturer.


  • Intricately Detailed ABS Construction
  • Fully Assembled
  • Fully Painted
  • Wide Variety of Poses
  • Ready-to-Use Right Out of the Package